You’re entitled
to a great career.

The practice of law,
and nothing else

At BEAUVAIS TRUCHON, you’re more than an articling student —you’re an integral part of the team and work on interesting and formative mandates. Our seasoned lawyers will guide and supervise you in order to foster your training, your development, and your fulfilment.

Be one of ours

We know that the long-lasting success of our firm depends on employee retention, and more specifically on succession planning. We therefore meticulously select our articling students to promote a long-term relationship. At BEAUVAIS TRUCHON, your articling is a stepping stone to a future with us.

Our goal

Selecting the best talents and the best people to foster their growth within our Law firm.

Our articling offer

THREE ARTICLING STUDENTS. We usually hire three articling students each year in order to provide close guidance and personalized training. There is no competition between the students, just a stimulating work environment that enables you to give the best of yourself and realize your full potential. Our articling students can work either at our Quebec City office or at our office in Beauce.

A SUMMER WITH US. We will be pleased to work with you as a summer student during the summer preceding the courses at the Bar School.

SIX MONTHS. This articling period may start after the last exam at the Bar school. We will be pleased to welcome you at our firm whether you have chosen the 4-month or the 8-month program of the Bar school. Your choice will be ours.

GUIDANCE. Upon arrival, a tutor will be assigned to you. This person will be your internship supervisor and will ensure that you explore each of the main law sectors at our firm while guiding your integration into the legal practice. You will work first-hand with the lawyers in charge of the mandates and will participate in all of the stages of these mandates. To ensure the thoroughness of your internship, you will conduct legal research under the supervision of a lawyer responsible for our documentation centre. This person will be a precious ally to help you master research tools and answer all of your questions.

SALARY AND EXCELLENT BENEFITS. BEAUVAIS TRUCHON is one of the major law firms in Quebec City. We offer excellent working conditions while maintaining the human dimension of a smaller firm.


During your articling, you will develop the following skills :

  • Legal research in each law sector of the firm;
  • Drafting of opinions, legal proceedings, corporate documents, contracts, and various other legal documents;
  • Representation before administrative and civil tribunals;
  • Assistance to the lawyers in their practice: case analyses and information research, summary of evidence and additional enquiries, participation in client and witness meetings, participation in negotiations and examinations on discovery, participation in hearings of all kinds such as civil litigations and arbitrations.

And skills required to our candidates :

  • Creativity and open-mindedness;
  • Implication and team spirit;
  • Academic results and realizations;
  • Autonomy and initiative;
  • Self-confidence and ease of expression;
  • Analytical mind and summarization skills;
  • Bilingualism
  • Adaptability and availability;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

People come first

The lawyers at our firm have been chosen not only for their expertise but also for their passion of law. The same holds true for the selection process of our articling students: we are looking for future ‘’maîtres’’ who have an outstanding academic background and a positive human attitude.

We choose the best professionals, but we especially choose the best people.