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Me Anthony Boilard

Anthony Boilard

Labour Law and Occupational Health and Safety
Public and Administrative Law
Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
Health and Social Services Law

Mr. Boilard has been a member of the firm since he was called to the Barreau du Québec in 2017.

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A bilingual lawyer (English and French), Mr. Anthony Boilard specializes in labour and employment law and acts as legal counsel to a clientele of employers exclusively.

A major part of Mr. Boilard’s practice focuses on representing employers in employment injury compensation and cost allocation cases.

He also acts in cases of public and administrative law, representing institutions of the Health and Social Services network.

LL.B. (Université Laval, 2015)

MBA, Global Business (Université Laval, ongoing)


Le traumatisme cranio-cérébral et développements récents en santé et sécurité du travail en milieu scolaire in collaboration with Mr Jean-François Lecours.


Perte de temps résultant de l’usage personnel d’Internet au travail : politique, discipline et cyberdépendance.

Mr. Boilard has been awarded the Honor Roll of the Faculty of Laval University (2015)