Mr. Luc Chamberland, Ad. E., a partner at Beauvais Truchon, will once again this year be offering training and lectures on civil proceedings for the Éditions Yvon Blais.

A member of the Barreau du Québec since 1981, Mr. Chamberland, Ad. E., has been practicing law since he was called to the Barreau in 1981. He joined the firm as a partner in 2015.

Throughout his career, Mr. Chamberland has regularly pleaded before the courts of law and administrative tribunals. He was a director at the Litigation Department (litigators’ office) of the Ministère de la justice.

He is the author of the Manuel de plaidoirie : Techniques et stratégies d’un procès civil, and has given over fifty lectures and drafted several articles  on substantive and civil procedure law, some of which have been cited approvingly by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Since 2012, Mr. Chamberland has participated in all parliamentary committees regarding the draft legislation and the Act to establish the new Code of Civil Procedure. He was regularly called upon to answer questions from the Members of Parliament during the clause-by-clause study session.

Training: Techniques and strategies of a civil trial

During this training, which will be given in both Quebec City and Montreal, Mr. Chamberland will cover all aspects of a civil trial, highlighting, if necessary, any modifications made to the new Code of Civil Procedure.

As a new feature this year, a major part of the day’s program will focus on pleading before the Court of Appeal.  The specific rules that govern pleading before this court will be thoroughly explained and the drafting of a memorandum, an essential element when appealing, will be detailed. Major parts of the program will be exclusively devoted to questions from the participants.

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Seminar: the new Code of Civil Procedure under close scrutiny: conduct of these proceedings

Under the presidency of the Honorable Justice Marie-Josée Hogue, Ad. E., of the Quebec Court of Appeal, and in collaboration with Mr. Donald Béchard, Ad. E., and Mr. Patrick Boucher, Mr. Luc Chamberland, Ad. E., will be a guest speaker at this seminar which will provide participants with tools for the implementation of the new rules governing the Code of Civil Procedure.

This hands-on training features a panel of expert civil procedure lecturers who will discuss the conduct of these proceedings, namely books I, II, and IV of the Code of Civil Procedure.

This conference will be held three times next September, October, and November in Montreal and Quebec City.

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