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BEAUVAIS TRUCHON remains one of the few law firms originating in and based out of Quebec City. Despite our sustained growth, we have preserved a business model based on human dimensions, both in the format of our firm as well as in our professional approach. This is why we adapt to you… and not the other way around. With us, you benefit from both the reputation and experience of a major law firm, within an accessible framework and a simplified service structure.

Discover what makes us different.

Your legal issues have been our daily business for more than fifty years. However, each case is unique, which is why we develop strategies according to your objectives and your reality.

We believe that the optimal solution is measured in terms of the appropriateness of the intervention and not by the importance of the measures undertaken, thereby ensuring that you get quality service and results at the best price.

Your needs are evolving? Our way of working is too. At BEAUVAIS TRUCHON, we have the means to follow your growth: our legal professional resources and our legal services will adapt to your new reality and foster a long-term professional relationship.

Law is our profession. Your strategy is the result of professional actions undertaken in a sound and ethical manner. Rigor and integrity are a fundamental part of our values and are the foundation of our relationship with you. In this respect, our reputation speaks for itself.

Law is also our passion. Our most important goal is your satisfaction in every aspect of our work. Availability, flexibility and ingenuity are qualities which we require from all of our lawyers as well as from each member of our paralegal team.

We strive to develop a reassuring professional relationship with you where the practice of law is structured and perfectly tailored to your needs.  At BEAUVAIS TRUCHON, rigor and integrity are a must.

Beyond your legal challenges, there is a context. Our firm’s first responsibility is to fully understand all aspects and key strategic issues of your business in order to find a solution that is in your best interest.

We therefore take into consideration all of the parameters essential to an effective strategy. Our approach is based on listening and on a simple, friendly professional relationship.

BEAUVAIS TRUCHON’s four-step method ensures a strategy perfectly tailored to your specific needs and reality:

  • Attentive listening;
  • Clever understanding;
  • Rigorous thinking;
  • Precise and effective problem solving.
Your legal challenges have implications elsewhere in Canada or internationally ? In business law, as well as in all other fields of practice, Beauvais Truchon relies on a network of external professional consultants.

Over the years, we have gradually built a network of business relationships with various well known law firms throughout  the world. Therefore, there are no barriers to the resolution of your problems since we are able to develop solutions that take all national and international parameters into account.

Our business law professionals are fully bilingual and can thereby represent you in all aspects of negotiations, drafting of contracts or court hearings, whether in English or in French.

This cross-border network of experts enables us to provide solutions which are not impeded by any frontiers.

Experienced. Well-documented.  Two perfectly complementary expressions to describe the members of our firm.

Our specialized lawyers are assisted by a group of paralegals dedicated to legal research, civil procedures, securities as well as business law, including commercial, corporate and real estate law. The efficiency of this group provides optimal reaction time and reinforces the quality of our services.

Our administrative personnel features experienced people who are skillful, discreet, efficient and proactive and who share our philosophy of rigor, availability, integrity and confidentiality.

BEAUVAIS TRUCHON also has a comprehensive, state-of-the-art documentation center, enabling us to quickly access important documents such as research reports, up-to-date jurisprudence, complex court procedures, standard contracts, etc.

The combination of these resources enables BEAUVAIS TRUCHON to completely satisfy all of your legal needs. With rigor, ingenuity, and flexibility, we plan and assume your protection while assisting in your economic growth.

BEAUVAIS TRUCHON is proud of having been recognized in the BTI Client Service A-Team category for the performance of our services by the world-renowned, independent group BTI Consulting Group of Boston, who collects and benchmarks strategic marketing data. Few law firms throughout the world and very few in Canada, have received such prestigious ranking. This acknowledgement positions us on the Quebec market as a world-elite law firm.

Nonetheless, our values have remained humble, and we have kept our firm on a human scale that sets us apart, not only for size, but also for the genuineness of our approach.

We owe this international recognition to our clients who, for many decades, have put their trust in us. This motivates us even further to always give the best of ourselves. We are proud to serve them.