We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mylina Perron-Simard.

Ms. Perron-Simard completed her professional training at Beauvais Truchon and is newly registered with the Bar Association.
She practices civil and commercial litigation at Beauvais Truchon since the end of her internship at our firm in 2017.

Before joining our team of lawyers, Ms. Perron-Simard completed prestigious legal internships, including at the Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT) in Rome, where she participated in the development a protocol on issues specific to agricultural, construction and mining equipment, additional to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment, which concluded with the meeting of the Committee on UNIDROIT governmental experts held at the headquarters of the United Nations Agriculture and Food Organization (FAO). She has also worked at the Quebec Department of Natural Resources.

Ms. Perron-Simard studied at the Faculty of Law of Laval University, where she was awarded the Faculty Honor Roll and the Quebec Association of Law Award. compared. She is still actively pursuing a university program in Italian.
With the arrival of Ms. Perron-Simard, Beauvais Truchon is strengthening its team specializing in litigation and dispute resolution. Our goal always remains the same: to offer professional services with rigor and integrity.

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